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With a 3D Camera, Acer aims to ease 3D content creation that complements SpatialLabs ecosystem

by Warren

At the COMPUTEX 2024 show floor, almost 7 out of 10 major tech brands are showing concepts of generative AI and how their hardware is contributing to the ever-growing AI scene, and despite AI PCs are also the highlight at Acer’s booth, the company has also improved its SpatialLabs product lineup by introducing a 3D stereo camera and showed off several use cases, such as taking a family video and video conferencing in 3D with the camera.

This is certainly an interesting move by the company, as it promoted SpatialLabs products last year to gamers and designers, it is now promoted as a lifestyle product category at the show floor this year, but despite that, SpatialLabs products are still very high priced and not readily available in many major markets, and I posted a question to Jane Hsu, Head of Business Development for Spatial Computing Product Business Unit at Acer, if the company intends to introduce more mainstream SpatialLabs products for consumers, since it already has a 3D camera with use cases targeted at general consumers.

“Acer SpatialLabs products aim to deliver the highest quality glasses-free 3D experience. With the introduction of the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D Stereo Camera, we want to ease 3D content creation with an easy-to-use device so that users can relive their moments and share their world in 3D, we believe this is the right approach in making SpatialLabs products more useful to customers;

Meanwhile, high-quality glasses free 3D screens are admittedly still rather costly at this time and requires a great amount of graphics power, we have explored lower cost alternatives but unfortunately the experience just doesn’t satisfy us, and we don’t want to make inferior products even if they are low cost, but I certainly believe that as we introduce more ways to enjoy glasses free 3D content on our products, the cost of high quality 3D screens will eventually reduce with increased demand, which I certainly look forward to that day happening in the near future.”

Jane’s response is certainly understandable, and from what I can see, the company sure has a long way to go just like how other companies have done AR/VR devices, but nonetheless, we can certainly look forward to what the company has in store for us in the next COMPUTEX, and hopefully, with so many computing devices sporting NPUs this year, Acer SpatialLabs screens and computers will perhaps benefit from more efficient compute power.

Watch our hands-on video with the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera below

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