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AirAsia Ride e-hailing service launched: Lets you request rides from pilots and cabin crew

by Victor Ng
airasia ride

With global warming breathing down our necks, e-hailing services are a godsend; so naturally we welcome new players in the market, and one such player is Air Asia Ride 

The local airline operator is now branching out, offering the service, which rides on (pun intended) the back of Dacsee, an e-hailing brand which Air Asia acquired.  

Ariasia ride

Thanks to this, Air Asia Ride is able to offer a plethora of ride options including Lady Drivers, which is specifically meant for female passengers. Other notable options include Allstar Ride which allows users to request to be picked up by AirAsia pilots or cabin crew – neat-o.  

CEO AirAsia Ride Lim Chiew Shan says that there are currently 1,500 registered drivers available now, with 5,000 more expected to come onboard within the next six months to cover more parts of Malaysia. Chief Safety Officer Captain Ling Liong Tien adds that the platforms driver fleet are 100% vaccinated, and are regularly tested. 

Airasia ride

He continues by noting that AirAsia Ride fares are set at an average of RM1 per kilometer, excluding toll charges. If you’re interested in joining the fleet instead, Ling says that drivers take 85% of the net fare (excluding toll charges), which he says is higher than what their competitors offer.  

To book a ride, go to the Ride tab on the AirAsia mobile app. You can use the promo code ‘AARIDE3’ to get RM3 off your first ride from now until 30 September. Visit their website here to learn more about AirAsia ride. 

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