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Malaysia to implement 5G by end of 2021

by Victor Ng
5G, Malaysia, 5G Malaysia

Rejoice Malaysia! 5G networks are expected to roll out in the country in phases starting from the end of the year, meaning the 5G-ready phones that many of us have now can finally delivery the kind of blazing-fast internet speeds we’ve been craving. 

The roll-out would make Malaysia one of the first in the Southeast Asian region to adopt the new networking technology and the country will invest RM15 billion into implementing 5G over a period of 10 years. 

5G in Malaysia was supposed to rollout in 2020

5G, Malaysia, 5G MalaysiaWe could’ve had 5G in Malaysia a little earlier, but it was delayed last year and a timeline for implementation was set for 2022 – this new development could mean a semi-wide availability of the network could arrive sooner.

The spectrum allocation will be handed over to a special purposed vehicle (SPV), run by the Ministry of Finance. The entity is tasked to roll out the 5G infrastructures across the nation. Plus, a whopping RM15 billion will be invested in the implementation efforts over a period of 10 years.  

The SPV will use existing infrastructures to roll out 5G connectivity; the entity will be assigned three spectrums – 700MHz, 3500MHz, and 2800MHz.  

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