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You can now verify your vaccination certificate with an app

by Victor Ng
vaccine certificate verification app

With all the news about people falsifying their vaccination certificates, stealing others’ to use for themselves; there’s now a properly working Vaccine Certificate Verifier app available now which is published by the Government of Malaysia. 

vaccine certificate verification appThe app lets you scan the QR codes attached to your digital certificate in your MySejahtera app, allowing authorities to validate the legitimacy of your cert. The app itself is fairly rudimentary and serves mostly as a QR code scanner. 

vaccine certificate verification appOnce it has identified a proper code, it will display your name, the date you received your jabs, the manufacturer of the vaccines you received, and the location of your PPV.  

Do note that when your MySejahtera app is updated to version 1.0.43, your QR code will now show more details than the picture shown above after being scanned by the verification app.

Remember that this is a method for verifying your certs, and it won’t prevent people from stealing yours; so always be careful to not share a screenshot of your cert to anyone. You can download the Vaccine Certificate Verifier app on the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store now. 

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