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Yes beats U Mobile’s 5G unlimited home broadband with better and cheaper subscription

by Warren

Being the first to launch 5G in Malaysia and only telco to offer NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, Yes isn’t sitting on its laurels with the competition as it has beaten U Mobile to offer an even more affordable unlimited 5G Home Broadband plan.

However, like any ‘unlimited’ 5G broadband plans, there’s always a catch.

The Yes 5G Wireless Broadband plan is available in SIM only and device bundle options, the former will cost you RM58/month and offers unlimited 5G data and uncapped speeds with no contract, while the device bundle will come with a 5G WiFi 6 router worth RM1199 and costs RM99/month, but you are required to sign on to a 24-month contract.

However, despite having unlimited quota on 5G, users will be limited to 100GB and 150GB of 4G data for the Flexi and Device Bundle plan, though 4G speed is also uncapped but it is underwhelming for those who doesn’t stay within DNB’s 5G coverage area, but nonetheless you should only consider signing up for this only if your area has good 5G coverage.

Compared to U Mobile’s U Home 5G broadband plan, the new Yes 5G Wireless Home Broadband plan doesn’t have a FUP quota usage, though P2P activities could still be throttled, and there isn’t a T&C and FAQ page of the service to be found on Yes’ website, we urge that you check with Yes’ customer service upfront before signing up for the service to avoid any confusion.

Yes is the only telco in Malaysia that doesn’t impose extra charges when you want to enjoy 5G services, and it is very commendable that they are making 5G more accessible when other telcos are considering the service a premium despite all are under the same DNB network.

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