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Xiaomi officially unveils quad-waterfall display concept smartphone

by Victor Ng
xiaomi quad waterfall display

It would have seemed that ever since Xiaomi released their Mi Mix Alpha smartphone, with its wraparound display last year, the Chinese giants have put a pin attempting the audacious. 

Interestingly, that is not at all the case – Xiaomi took to their official YouTube channel to unveil their bold plan, a quad-curved waterfall display. If you’ve heard of this idea before, that’s because OPPO patented a similar design back in 2019! 

A patent is only mark-up drawings after all, but Xiaomi seems to have a more complete image of what their rendition will look like. As we can see from the video, the phone does not appear to have any side buttons, and no ports as well. 

xiaomi quad waterfall display

This is very reminiscent of the vivo APEX concept phone which also had extreme curved edges, and side buttons were replaced by haptic touch sensors. vivo also cleverly made sure to add grooves to the controls so users can still feel where their volume rockers and power buttons are. 

According to reports, Xiaomi has a prototype ready, but it’s not an actually consumer-ready device…yet.  

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