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If you asked how I’d define innovation, I’d say something along the lines of practicality and stuff. Ask Chinese phone makers however, and they’ll tell you that it’s about getting rid of smartphone bezels,  because that’s all they seem to be doing differently from other brands this year. Vivo has their NEX 3 with its waterfall display, while Xiaomi’s all-screen Mi Mix Alpha is a whole other specimen.

But hey, these phones have curved edges – as in the sides of the display panels are rounded. In a bid to out-do their counterparts, the folks at OPPO decided that not only will they curve the side edges, but the top and bottom edges too!

OPPO patents quad-curve waterfall display that rounds all sides of the phone 1
Image credit: GSM Arena

Yes, OPPO has submitted a patent for a “quad-curve” display smartphone that has rounded edges on all four sides of the phone. Light sensors as well as the selfie camera will most likely be located under the display – we know OPPO already has the latter tech in their pockets already.

Meanwhile, VIVO’s haptic touch solution for their VIVO NEX 3 could also be adapted here. According to GSM Arena, the sensors hidden in the display will also adjust brightness, while the other turns off the display.

At this point, smartphone case makers would be out of a job if this trend continues. I mean, what would the case protect if there are no bumpers on the phone anymore? In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what rolls out of OPPO’s doors this time, perhaps this new innovation could inspire new things that are more, umm, practical.

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