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Windows 10 newest update is incompatible with iCloud for Windows

by Yvonne Ng

Previously when Windows 10 released their update version 1809, users reported several problems such as missing files after the update that cannot be revered and also the faster battery consumption of their devices. Since then, Windows 10 retracted the update and re-released it around a week ago. However, problems have been found again with the new update.

Users now face a bug that causes issue when it comes to iCloud for Windows. They are unable to update or sync their Shared Albums, and the attempt to install iCloud on Windows version 1809 is not supported, causing the installation to fail. Microsoft then placed a update block that prevents users from installing the update version 1809 and recommended that users do not manually install the update to prevent the bug from happening. Meanwhile, Apple and Microsoft are trying to fix the bug and provide a compatible version of iCloud in the next release.

This isn’t the only problem that was found in the update version 1809. It was also found that there were connectivity issues related to the VPN, drives connectivity with Windows device, and some others. 

Basically, even when the newest version of Windows 10 is re-released, it’s not advisable for users to update their Windows yet as it still comes with bugs that have no immediate fixes yet.

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