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Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21

by Victor Ng
Galaxy S21 telco deals

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has just been launched with an all-new Contour Cut Camera design, Samsung’s latest Exynos chipset, and a bunch of new camera features as well. If you’re eager to put in your order for the phone, here’s where you can get them. 

Samsung Online Store

Galaxy S21 samsung

If you’re only interested in the phone itself, Samsung is opening pre-orders now for the Galaxy S21 (RM3,699), Galaxy S21+ (RM4,299), and Galaxy S21 Ultra (RM5,299).   

The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ are available in the 256GB storage model only and you can finance it with a 0% instalment plan – the Galaxy S21 will cost RM154.13/month, while the S21+ will cost RM179.13/month.  

Galaxy S21 price official

The Galaxy S21 Ultra on the other hand comes in 256GB and 512GB models – the former will cost RM220.79/month, and the latter RM245.79/month. 

Samsung is also offering free gifts with your pre-order, which includes the brand-new Galaxy Buds Pro, and Galaxy SmartTag. You also get a YouTube Premium subscription for free. Visit Samsung’s website here to place your order. 


galaxy s21 celcom

Team Blue’s offerings are applicable to new and existing customers – the latter can opt for the EasyPhone option where you can own the phone with no upfront device payments from as low as RM79/month for the Galaxy S21, RM99/month for the S21+, and RM132/month for the S21 Ultra. Your instalment plans can range from 24-months to 30 months. 

galaxy s21 celcom

Alternatively, you can also choose the device bundle option and pay a portion for the device in advance, but the amount will be rebated over several months in your bill. The bundle deal requires you to sign up for two things – the MEGA plan that gets you 40GB internet for RM80/month; and a Lighting or Unlimited Pass. 

Pre-ordering with Celcom will get you free gifts including a Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy SmartTag, and a Galaxy Wireless Charger Trio – all worth a total of RM1,217. 

Visit Celcom’s website here to make your purchase. 


Galaxy S21 maxis

On the Maxis front, all three models of the phone are also available to pre-order via Zerolution or a normal contract. 

Zerolution lets you snag the Galaxy S21 at RM99/month, the S21+ at RM129/month, and the S21 Ultra at RM169/month. With this plan, you can get a 24-month instalment plan that offers 0% interest rate, and RM0 upfront payment for eligible customers. 

The data plans you can pair your subscription with start at a low RM48/month for 30GB of internet, and can go up to RM188/month for 100GB of data. 

Galaxy S21 maxis

With the normal contract, you’ll need to fork out for the phone upfront, but the device costs lower is lower than the recommended retail price. A 24-month contract applies and your options for a data plan is the same as before. 

Pre-ordering with Maxis also gets you free gifts including a Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy SmartTag, and a Galaxy Wireless Charger Trio – all worth a total of about RM1,217. 

Visit Maxis website here to place your order. 


Samsung galaxy s21 digi

If it’s a lot of data you’re after, Digi lets you pair your Galaxy S21 series smartphone with with up to 200GB of data with the PhoneFreedom 365 Digi Postpaid 190 plan.  

The smartphones start at RM98/month for the Galaxy S21, RM108/month for the S21+, and RM148/month for the S21 Ultra. If you don’t need that much data, you can also get 60GBx2 for RM120/month.  

Samsung galaxy s21 digi

There’s a 24-month contract, and eligible customers don’t need to pay an upfront fee as well; other benefits include 0% interest rate, free phone upgrades after the 20th month, free Digi Shield and protection plans that protect against liquid damage. 

As per usual, you get free gifts too and it includes a Galaxy Buds Live/Pro, Galaxy SmartTag, and Galaxy Wireless Charger Trio. 

Head over to Digi’s website here to get yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. 

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