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U Mobile launches 5G-ready prepaid plans

by Warren
U Mobile

While U Mobile has yet to offer 5G services, the telco isn’t giving up on the hype of 5G in Malaysia and has introduced its latest 5G-ready prepaid plans.

Two data plans are offered, the U25 and U35 essentially replaces the old Giler Unlimited prepaid plans and will cost RM20 (usual price at RM20) and RM35 per month respectively, they will also have unlimited data with capped speeds of 3 Mbps and 6 Mbps respectively.

U Mobile

While the plans are still really attractive for aunties and uncles that talk a lot as it comes with unlimited call minutes to any networks, one improvement over the old Giler Unlimited prepaid plan is that users can claim 1 hour of Speed Booster everyday that makes it up to 30 hours at absolutely no charge, hotspot quota is only however made available for the U35 plan with 3GB of data.

U Mobile

If you need to unlock your data speed for longer periods, you can of course opt to purchase a day plan for RM5 where you will enjoy uncapped speeds for 24 hours, or pick an additional 10GB of high speed data for 14 days at RM5 that can only be used on your smartphone.

Although U Mobile has marketed this as 5G-ready prepaid plans, it would only mean that you no longer need to upgrade your SIM or plan once the telco launch its 5G network, which up to now nothing is firmed up as the telco works with the others in establishing a DWN (Dual Wholesale Network) model in Malaysia.

More info on U Mobile’s 5G prepaid plans can be found here.


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