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TM gives you RM50 off your bill if your unifi is broken for more than 24 hours

by Warren

Having a bad day because your unifi Internet connection is down? TM has committed to restore your connection within 24 hours starting today for unifi Home and Biz customers, and if not, you get a RM50 rebate will be given on your next bill.

Now, this is a pretty bold move from the country’s largest ISP and would probably help improve the customer experience, however this benefit is only reserved for customers signed up to 100 Mbps plans and above, customers with unifi 30 Mbps, unifi Lite, unifi Air and unifi Mobile subscriptions are unfortunately not eligible for this benefit.

Dubbed as the 24-hour service guarantee, it covers both the physical access (fibre network) and TM-supplied customer premises equipment (router) when you encounter connection failures and service downtime, performance related issues such as slow connection speed is sadly not covered and this is one of the most common issues faced by TM unifi customers, but it still makes sense as performance is usually dependent on the number of connected users and WiFi coverage in the household.

The 24-hour countdown will begin once you have successfully lodged an official report with TM, customers will be notified via SMS and myunifi app if they are eligible for the bill rebate should the issue isn’t resolved within 24 hours,  you will then need to redeem the RM50 rebate through the app within 30 days once notified, so it isn’t entirely automated.

Also, TM hasn’t made clear in the FAQ if customers are able to claim the said rebate for multiple times in a month, considering some customers can face disruptions multiple times, nonetheless this is one effort that we commend to keep up the quality of our Internet services in Malaysia.

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