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This dog tag uses Apple’s Find My network

by Warren
YIP Smart Tag

The best thing about owning an AirTag isn’t just about finding your misplaced items, but rather it taps into Apple’s vast Find My network that utilizes surrounding iPhones to report its location, so no matter where it is you will still be able to track it even if it isn’t nearby your iPhone.

Meanwhile, the first third party Find My accessory has appeared in the form of a dog tag called YIP Smart Tag, which works just like the AirTag and taps into the Find My network to track your pet, the tag can be engraved with up to four lines of letters and can be purchased from PetSmart for US$34.99, it is water resistant and uses a CR2032 coin battery that lasts up to a year.

But before you pay for one, Apple has noted that the Find My network isn’t designed to track fast moving objects such as pets and the YIP Smart Tag unfortunately faces the same caveat, though it should work fine if your pet is just around your house or moving slightly, there is no guarantee that it will be able to work properly if your pet actually gets lost and wanders in the streets, hence it isn’t exactly a dog tracking device but rather a nice accessory that incorporates the convenience of Find My.

Of course, you would be better off with an actual GPS Pet Tracker but since they usually cost more, the YIP Smart Tag is definitely a good alternative if you understand the limitations you are buying into, it is available in Rose Gold and Black color, head here to purchase one.

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