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The Turing Phone trades convenience for security

by Warren

While smartphone security these days are all about biometrics and probably retina scans, the Turing Phone brings a different level of security features to the table, instead of adding hardware the phone have got its USB connector and headphone jack removed, heck, even its charging port has been made proprietary so you won’t be able to share your cables with your friends.

Manufactured by Turing Robotic Industries, the Turing Phone has a very unique design, which I think its beautiful, it comes with some respectable hardware under the hood which includes Qualcomm’s trusty Snapdragon 801 CPU mated to 3GB RAM, up to 128GB of internal memory, a 5.5-inch Full HD display, 13MP main and 8MP front cameras, a 3000mAh battery and comes preloaded with Android Lollipop.

The Turing Phone isn’t just any over hyped phone as it comes with some pretty impressive features, including:

  • A “Liquidmorphium” alloy chassis for durability
  • Side built fingerprint scanner that doesn’t require a thumbprint to login
  • A multi factor authentication software that requires both a fingerprint and PIN, passcode to get through certain features of the phone
  • A waterproof design which doesn’t require flaps on ports


If you are thinking of how the Turing Phone syncs with your computer, the company wants you to do so by using WiFi and even audio listening is encouraged by using a Bluetooth headset (as if 3.5mm headphone jacks pose a risk). The phone’s price starts from a cool $610 for the 16GB model, $740 for 64GB and $870 for the 128GB model, the company is currently taking pre-orders in the US.

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