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Samsung making 11k display with 2250 pixel density

by Warren

Samsung has already begun with the development of a new screen for their new smartphones that will boast with incredible resolution and extreme pixel density. There is a few new display will be demonstrated three years from now and theatrically improve the visual experience on smartphones. The company working close together with 13 other companies and education institutions for the new display for mobile devices that will feature 11k ultra-high-definition resolution and pixel density up to 2250 pixels per inch.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a Samsung current flagship phone that features 5.1” display with 2560*1440 resolution and 577 ppi because the advantage of the extreme pixel density on the screen that feature autostereoscopic-3D effect. However, there is one big challenge Samsung need to face that is the power consumption of such displays and if the company are able to reduce the power consumption of this upcoming 11K display then another platform might adapt with this latest technology.

According to Kitguru, the Korean company is planning to showcase its 11k display in 2018, but it is unclear when the company plans to initiate mass production of such beautiful screens. Besides that, there are rumors that going around that the newSamsung Galaxy Note 5 will be arriving around Q3, 2015 and let’s stay tuned for more news.

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