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The PlayStation 5 is already breaking down according to YouTuber ACG

by Victor Ng
playstation 5 shut down

As you may know, YouTubers in America have received review units of the PlayStation 5 since a few weeks ago as a marketing effort; this means that these YouTubers get some of the earliest batches of the new console. 

With all newly-released gadgets, there are sure to be kinks that need to be ironed out – YouTuber ACG felt the full brunt of that when his PS5 completely died when it experienced a storage rebuild glitch. Storage rebuilding happens when a system crashes and it needs to rebuild the database to make sure there are no errors in the OS. So it’s likely ACG experienced a crash himself, an issue video game journalist Jeff Gretsmann has pointed when he puts his PS5 into rest mode while Spider-Man Remastered was running.  

To be fair to Sony, they are working closely with ACG to resolve his issue, and the team will likely see the fix be put into the retail versions when they arrive this 11 December (in Malaysia).  

With reports confirming the PS5 also won’t support an expandable SSD at launch, or 1440p output, or even saving PS5 games onto an external hard drive, reasons to be early buyers of the console are slim. We’d say maybe give the PS5 a few months after launch for Sony to iron out any kinks before you buy. 

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But hey, if you you’re eager to get the console, pre-orders are now ongoing and you get the PlayStation 5 Digital Version for RM1,869, while the regular PS5 with a Blu-ray disc drive will cost RM2,299.  

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