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The OnePlus Ace looks absolutely distinct from the rest

by Warren

If you have always thought OnePlus phones are a carbon copy of OPPO’s phones with a different brand name, the OnePlus Ace begs to differ in that case, as promo photos and a short hands on video has been leaked and boy, it really is a beautiful smartphone.

Set to release in China on April 24th, the OnePlus Ace is expected to come with the highest performing model of the Mediatek Dimensity 800 series SoC, it is also expected to come with a fast 150W SuperVOOC charging, which would effectively make this the fastest charging smartphone in the industry.

Judging by the hands on video, the OnePlus Ace has a rather unique squarish design with a metallic camera bump that blends onto the chassis like the flagship OnePlus 10 Pro, a holographic stripe design follows right below the camera bump, and you get a nice vertical OnePlus logo on the bottom right.

We do expect more leaks and details to arrive in the coming days and can’t wait to see what OnePlus has in store for us.

Source: Gizmochina

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