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The most anticipated wearable, Apple Watch, is here!

by Warren

The wait is finally over, it’s not called the iWatch, but simply called the Apple Watch. Teased as the One More Thing in Apple’s event, the Apple Watch has a flexible Retina touch display, there’s a dial a.k.a the “digital crown” that lets you navigate around the device and perform zooming actions on photos, maps and etc.

Apple Watch is built from custom alloys of stainless steel, aluminum, and 18-karat gold. It also has a sapphire display, four sensors on the back that tracks your heart rate, and a tiny speaker onboard.

The Apple Watch tracks fitness based on three aspects – Move, Exercise and Stand, so its pretty comprehensive and precise.

The Apple Watch also comes in a smaller size with smaller straps, so you won’t actually feel it big on hand. Ladies, you have an option now!

Instead of having a MicroUSB or Lightning connector, you get a MagSafe wireless connector for charging on the Apple Watch.

Developers can develop apps for the iWatch using the WatchKit SDK, one of the examples shown above is that you can unlock or locate your BMW car using the Apple Watch. There are many other apps such as checking in your flight, unlocking your hotel room and etc.

Editions available are Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, and it supports from iPhone 5 up to the iPhone 6.

Apple pay will also be supported on Apple Watch, so you don’t really need to take your phone out of the pocket to make payments.

The Apple Watch will retail at $349 (which is around RM1120), and will be available Early 2015, Tim says its worth to wait. We will definitely want to buy one, what about you?

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