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The Galaxy Z Flip4’s camera is better than many phones in one big way

by Warren
Z Flip4

If there’s one thing that makes me not to switch away from the Galaxy Z Flip4, that would be its cameras, and in one big way.

Granted, it might not be on par with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras when it comes to image quality and doesn’t have two zoom lenses, but it simply enables more creative ways to take photos than the usual portrait or landscape modes, and that feature is called FlexCam on the Z Flip4.

Just like its name, FlexCam literally lets you use the camera in angles that wouldn’t be possible on a regular smartphone, all thanks to the phone’s foldable hinge design, you can adjust the phone’s camera angle and set it on a stable surface, then take advantage of the main and ultrawide 12-megapixel cameras to take dramatic looking selfies and creative short videos.

To do that, all I need to do is to just double press the power button and when the camera’s live view comes up on the 2-inch cover display, I can switch between lenses by just swiping up and down, switch between photo and video mode by swiping left and right, set a desired angle by looking at the full live view by double tapping on the display, do a ‘high-five’ gesture to the camera and start taking a photo or video.

FlexCam isn’t just supported on the main camera, it is also enabled on the in-display 10MP camera of the Z Flip4 where it supports a variety of applications, such as making a video call on WhatsApp, where you will only need to raise the screen of the Z Flip4 and callers will appear on the top part of the screen, eliminating the need for a case or stand to do so.

Last but not least, FlexCam turns the Z Flip4 into an ergonomic camcorder and while it is slightly awkward to hit the record button with my thumb, holding it to record videos this way sure makes it way more comfortable than many other smartphones I have used, ultimately making it a great road trip camera to have.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 retails from RM3,999 in Malaysia and there’s no better time to upgrade your current smartphone to one, as Samsung is still offering free gifts worth RM1,298, and a trade in offer that enables you to own the Z Flip4 for as low as RM2,239, go check it out here.

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