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The Galaxy S22 series now supports 5G in Malaysia

by Warren
Galaxy S22 Ultra

Shortly after listing the Galaxy S21 series as official 5G devices in Malaysia, DNB has added the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra to the list of 5G supported devices in Malaysia, which definitely shows a good sign of moving forward on the development of 5G in Malaysia.

Till today, the only telco that offers 5G connectivity is Yes, as other telcos have yet to finalise their decision on the Reference Access Offer (RAO) for DNB’s 5G network, 5G coverage is still rather spotty at this point of time with slow ping response and inconsistent speeds, but nevertheless if you haven’t experienced more than 500Mbps of speed on your phone’s mobile data, you can easily sign up for a free SIM with Yes, as the free 5G data has been extended to the end of June 2022.

As for Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip owners, you might have to wait after June 2022 in order to enjoy 5G services in Malaysia, and we do hope other telcos would have either finalised a solution to work with DNB on rolling out 5G across the country by then.

Source: Amanz

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