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The first 240W fast charging phone gets a global debut

by Warren

If you are wondering if there’s a phone that could charge at a similar wattage as gaming laptop, the Realme GT3 has made its global debut at MWC 2023 that sports a 240W charging speed, this is the company’s flagship that succeeds last year’s GT Neo 2.

Originally launched as the GT Neo 5 in China, the Realme GT 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and sports a blazingly fast 6.74-inch 144Hz 1240p AMOLED display, the phone offers an impressive storage configuration of up to 16GB RAM and 1TB storage. In terms of cameras, the GT3 has three of them which includes a 50MP main, 8MP ultrawide and 2MP microscopic lens, while selfies are serviced by a 16MP camera.

Aside from its blazing fast charging speeds, one of the more interesting things about the Realme GT3 would be a rectangular RGB lighting on the back, which the brand calls it a ‘Pulse Interface’ and serves as a notification light for various purposes such as incoming messages, low battery levels, countdown timer and more, we daresay that it probably took a page from the Nothing’s Glyph Interface.

Realme claims that despite the fast charging speeds, the GT3’s 4600mAh battery should still retain 80% of its maximum capacity after 1,600 charging cycles, it also has charging protection features such as limiting maximum charge level to 80% when the phone is charged overnight and spacing out its three 100W charging chipsets to minimize heat output.

As for its local launch, Realme Malaysia confirms that the GT3 will be coming really soon, and judging from the great pricing strategy of the Realme GT Neo 2 last year, the GT3 is probably one well-priced flagship to look out for.

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