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Spotify on iOS 15 causes overheating issues and drains battery life

by Victor Ng

New reports are highlighting issues of overheating, and battery drain for Spotify users on the latest iOS 15 update for the iPhone.  

The new OS has had mixed reviews since its rollout– while some lauded the new OS for its introduction of several nifty features; others have voiced their dissatisfaction over major issues regarding poor battery life, and other bugs. 

Spotify has acknowledged the problem and have said that they have relevant team members working on the issue – however, Spotify suggests a clean re-install as a temporary fix while they work on identifying the root cause. 

Unfortunately, this method may not work for some as made clear on Spotify’s user forums – several users have reported battery drainage even after just one hour of letting the app run. On top of that, the app could also crash when the iPhone is locked. 

So, if you’ve recently updated to iOS 15 and are experiencing the same issues mentioned above, know that you’re not alone, and Spotify is working on a fix as we speak. For now, perhaps Apple Music will have to do if you have a subscription. 

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