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Sony refreshes PlayStation Plus with access to old games

by Warren

If you own a modern PlayStation, chances are you might have received an e-mail from Sony informing about changes to your upcoming PlayStation Plus subscription in a very vague way, the company has in fact added two new tiers to the subscription plan, while existing subscription will be migrated to a tier called PlayStation Plus Essential, which gamers continue to enjoy benefits such as cloud saves, online multiplayer access and two monthly downloadable games, there are two more expensive tiers called PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Deluxe being offered to PlayStation users in the Malaysian market.

The new Extra and Deluxe plans are obviously competing with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo’s Switch Online service, which both allow access to a number of games and classic games that the original PS Plus subscription lacks, the PS Plus Extra tier will offer gamers up to 400 PS5 and PS4 titles from PlayStation Studio and other developers, it will cost users RM44 monthly, RM114 quarterly and RM269 yearly.

The Deluxe plan ups that amount of games to an additional 240 games including those from PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, it is stripped of cloud game streaming from the more expensive Premium plan, which isn’t being offered for the Malaysian market, gamers will also get time-limited game trials under this plan before buying, the plan will cost RM30 monthly, RM130 quarterly and RM309 yearly, a slight increase from the Extra plan that makes sense if you really want to play classic PlayStation games.

These new tiered plans will be available for sign up starting June 2022 onwards, what do you guys think about these new PS Plus subscriptions?

Source: PlayStation

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