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SonicGear’s Reference Series speakers offer powerful sound with a contemporary design

by Warren

SonicGear is a well known audio brand for its wide range of audio products, and it is taking things up a notch by introducing the Reference Series speakers, comprising the StudioBox 2-HD and StudioPod V-HD, they are the highest end speakers ever produced by the brand.

The StudioBox is an elegant hi-res Bluetooth desk speaker that features a nostalgic oakwood design, available in colors of Walnut and Mahogany, it has a classic flip trigger on the top that turns on and off the speaker, wheel knobs for volume, bass and treble controls. With a total power of 70W, the StudioBox comes with a 50W Full Range 4″ driver and two 10W 1.25″ tweeters, apart from Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it supports wired RCA and optical audio inputs which will offer music lovers a high quality audio listening experience.


As for the StudioPod V-HD, it is a minimalist 2.0 channel speaker that comes in interesting color options of Black, White, Red, Pink and Mint, but don’t look down on these speakers though, as they have a combined power of 80W RMS that comes from two 4-inch Full Range Bass Driver units and two 1-inch Tweeters, the StudioPod V-HD can be controlled with a remote control for convenience and apart from supporting Bluetooth connectivity, it supports RCA and optical audio input for high quality audio.

The SonicGear StudioBox and StudioPod V-HD will retail at RM499 and RM699 respectively, they will be available at Good Deals by KLGG at a later time, do stay tuned for our review and a special price that will be unveiled soon.

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