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Proton cars with ATLAS to come with Spotify

by Warren
ACO Tech

Not too long ago, ACO Tech officially launched the ATLAS operating system and expressed interest to work with other apps and services to be integrated into its car infotainment operating system, and it looks like the next app to arrive at ATLAS head units is none other than Spotify, which is probably the most used music streaming app in Malaysia.

This official announcement came directly from ACO Tech’s Facebook page, where the company teased that the music streaming app is making its way to ATLAS head units with Android 8.0 and above this Q3 2022.

While most of us might assume that this is merely an installation of the standard Spotify APK, the Spotify app on ATLAS could be a customized version and feature a different UI than the one we are using on our smartphones and tablets, just like how the company has optimized local radio SYOK app to be more UI friendly on ATLAS head units, not to forget to mention it will have to be integrated with the ATLAS voice assistant.

This is certainly an exciting news for Proton car owners who wanted an alternative to JOOX, as the service has been met with crticism in terms of bugs and login issues, while not having a music library that is as comprehensive as Spotify.

We should be seeing more announcements from ACO Tech in time to come, and it is better late than never for making Spotify available, and how about having Waze onboard next to replace Here Maps?

Source: ACO Tech

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