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Samsung Smart Monitor: Pre-order now to get up to RM400 off

by Yvonne Ng
Smart Monitor, Samsung Smart Monitor, M7, M5

Samsung’s Smart Monitor is finally available in Malaysia; all three models run on Tizen OS and don’t need to be connected to a PC.

These smart monitors can function independently

According to Samsung, these are the “world’s first do-it-all screen” in which users can watch Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services via Smart Hub. Not only do they come with built-in WiFi, they also have Remote Access which allows users to connect to another PC in the house/office wirelessly. 

In addition to that, the monitors can also run Microsoft Office 365 apps on their own. The M5 Smart Monitor pushes 1080p resolution while the M7 supports 4K content — both come with a 60Hz panel. 

Mirror your smartphones and game on a bigger screen

These monitors can also be used with smartphones via Samsung DeX, App Casting or even AirPlay 2. You can either control the monitors using a remote control, Bixby or the SmartThings app.

Up to 20% off if you pre-order now

Originally priced at RM1,999, Samsung is now offering a 20% discount when customers pre-order the M7 Smart Monitor — this means that it’ll be priced at RM1,599 instead. On the other hand, the M5 Smart Monitor will get a 15% pre-order discount. The 27-inch variant will cost RM899 whereas the 32-inch model is priced at RM1,099. 

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