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Cyberpunk 2077 is so buggy on PS4 that Sony is issuing refunds

by Victor Ng
cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a buggy mess across all platforms – but even more so on previous gen consoles. Reports are bringing to light issues such as textures not loading, poor framerate even when running at 720p to 900p resolution (we’re talking around 20 FPS here). 

cyberpunk 2077 low res

Image credit: @BlackEaglesBoi

Even on PC, it’s not particularly great either – bugs are aplenty and can be quite annoying. I personally encountered a mission bug that prevented progression early on in the game. The fix only required loading an autosave, but these issues are definitely annoying. 

Some bugs happen more frequent, like trash bags propelling you three feet away when you come into contact, background dialogues overlapping crucial mission scenes, and more. 


It’s gotten so bad that Sony is issuing refunds to those who bought the digital versions on their PS4. Sorry, physical copy owners – at least you have a box and game manual to keep! 

With that said, can we really blame developers CD Projekt Red for the issues? Yes, but also no. We can argue the game was perhaps too big of a project to get done without issues; even with to get right within its near 9-year development time. But we also see that it is quite a game and offers something different than what we’re used to. 

Image credit: Cyberpunk 2077

Furthermore, the company is known for treating their titles with love and care post launch – meaning Cyberpunk 2077 won’t stay the buggy mess it is now for long as CDPR will likely work hard on fixing all the issues.

With that said, if you haven’t gotten the game and don’t have a FOMO complex, then wait a few months before getting it – because when the game does work, it’s one heck of an open-world RPG.

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