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Samsung releases entertaining videos to mock Apple’s products and launch event

by Warren

Sammy, Sammy, no one can do better than you on creating videos to mock your competitors, and we think it’s a really good one this time. No offence here, we aren’t biased towards Samsung and love the iPhone 6 as well, however at the end of the day, anyone who knows the tech industry well has realized that Apple has reached its limits in innovation and playing catch ups with other manufacturers.

The series of videos are called “It doesn’t take a genius”, which is set at a Genius Bar with two service engineers wearing a similar uniform like Apple’s staffs, it has six videos mocking at the launch event, the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. We find it really humorous and totally reveals the truth of how Apple has failed to WOW people again. Find out the videos down below.

Well, the live stream is pretty buggy and slow that day and it’s the first time ever in Apple history that this has happened.

Apple calls the upsized displays of the new iPhone 6 revolutionary, Samsung is really laughing hard at this. Remember what Jobs said – nobody wants to buy a phone larger than 4 inches, and there you go, Tim did it.

Alright, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have big and beautiful screens, but what’s the point if the operating system doesn’t take advantage of it?

This is slightly more out of the focus, where Samsung pointed out that the iPhone 6 lacks the S-Pen.

In this video Samsung mocks the iPhone 6 lacking fast charging capability, but really, I’ve personally used an iPhone before and they charged really fast, let’s test on both devices when we get them here.

Alright, this one is probably the one totally worth mocking – the Apple Watch, it still simply fails to address the current problems of smartwatches and heck, it looks like a 3 year old design.

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