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PlayStation’s CEO states that the PS5 will have a 2021 release date

by Tarvin Gill

There are many rumours and speculation that the PlayStation 5 will release really soon with the latest being 2020. However, John Kodera, Head of PlayStation has said that the PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle.

He goes on to add that because it is at the end of its life cycle, it would have a negative impact to the unit, and recurring revenue via membership services should cushion some of that. To put all these rumours and speculations to rest, Kodera told analysts and investor to not expect to see the PS5 until 2021, silencing all leakers analysts that have said the PS5 will come by the end of 2018 and some even stating it will come in 2020. PS4 sales have passed 75 million units but it is expected to slow down, due to them running out of customers to buy it.

We will finally see the PS5 in another three more years, some of you might be thinking to wait and go straight for the PS5. However, just like all new console release, there might not be a lot of games that will wet your appetite. Should you buy the PS4 now? Seeing as it is reaching the end of its line, its probably the best time to buy a PS4 seeing as some shops are selling the Slim for below RM1000. Plus, you will have a lot of game to sink your teeth in while waiting for the PS5 to catch up with new releases. Lets hope it has lesser remasters this time.

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