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Nothing to hike Ear (1) price to US$149 on October 26th

by Warren

The Nothing Ear (1) earbuds is about to receive a price hike soon.

Citing ‘an increase in cost’, CEO Carl Pei announced that the popular earbuds will see a US$50 increase from its usual US$99 price tag, this will come in effect starting October 26th and while there hasn’t been any announcement yet for the Malaysian market, we will definitely see an even more significant price hike considering the weak Malaysian Ringgit currency exchange against the US dollar.

Pei continues to justify in a follow up tweet on how much development effort has been done on making the Ear (1) over its product cycle, which to date it has received 15 firmware and tuning updates, making it a completely different product when the company first launched it.

Inflation has most certainly hit the global market hard enough and many tech companies have resorted to price hikes as a result to maintain profitability, hence if you are still looking to buy the Nothing Ear (1), it’s time to do it now before the price hike kicks in.

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