Home News Netflix introduces video previews on their mobile app

Netflix introduces video previews on their mobile app

by Tarvin Gill

Netflix is rolling out a new feature for its mobile app, the new update will allow users to see a short preview of the series or movie before watching it. The feature will make it fun, simple and easier for users to learn about the new content on the platform.

The preview lasts about 30 seconds and is presented in a verticle format, so users will not need to turn their phones while watching the preview. The preview is shown in a slideshow format, allowing you to tap and play or add to your list. If the preview is not to your liking, simply swipe or tap the screen to watch the new preview. Video previews are not a new thing on the platform, last year the company introduced video preview to TVs and they have mentioned that video previews have helped users browse less and discover content more quickly.

The feature is currently available on the iOS app but it will come to the Android version at a later date.

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