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Maxis launches Hotlink Prepaid Pantas with longer Internet validity

by Warren
Hotlink Prepaid Pantas

If you are someone who doesn’t finish your data quota and hate paying for renewals, the new Hotlink Prepaid Pantas could be the solution for you.

The Hotlink Prepaid Pantas plan will succeed the existing Hotlink 365 plan, customers will automatically be switched to the new service while any existing data pass purchased on the plan shall remain until it expires.

Hotlink Prepaid Pantas

From as low as RM2, customers on Hotlink Prepaid Pantas have the option of choosing between a 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 8GB and 20GB all usage high speed Internet passes, which all will come with a 1-year Internet validity but you will still need to top up your prepaid account monthly to use the remaining quota.

Unless you opt to pay an additional RM30, you can extend your SIM validity for up to 365 days, just like the previous Hotlink 365 plan.

This is certainly welcoming news for Malaysians working abroad or frequent travelers who doesn’t want their data plan to expire should they not actively use it, as the previous Hotlink 365 plan only lets you extend your SIM validity but data passes will need to be renewed either daily, weekly or monthly.

The Hotlink Prepaid Pantas will come in a starter and online bundle pack that retails at RM10 and RM25 respectively, the starter pack will come preloaded with RM5 credit with 5 active days and 30 inactive days, while the online bundle pack is preloaded with RM2 credit and a 10GB internet pass that’s valid for 365 days, while you will get 60 active days and 30 inactive days.

For more info, visit Hotlink’s website here for the full terms and conditions.

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