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Maxis allegedly throttles data to 512kbps for Hotlink users at night

by Victor Ng
Hotlink FUP

Reports have surfaced earlier today about Maxis Hotlink’s alleged throttling of bandwidth for their Prepaid Unlimited customers – the slowdown in internet was initially stated to only allow a measly 512kbps of data between the 8pm to 12 midnight every day. 

The issue was brought to the media’s attention via Twitter user @leekokwan who contacted Maxis’ WhatsApp support team to clarify the issue – the latter then informed the throttle was part of a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) rule implemented during the MCO to allow their networks room to breathe. 

Hotlink FUP

Today, a report by SoyaCincau details Maxis’ statement on the matter – the telco says that the throttle experienced by @leekokwan was not part of a FUP rule, a miscommunication on their end.  

However, Maxis still wants to ensure smooth sailing internet for its users during surges in network traffic – for that, Maxis employs network traffic management for its Hotlink users during limited busy hours from 8pm to 12 midnight, and this shouldn’t be confused with an FUP. Instead, it’s a temporary measure to reduce data congestion in its network, allowing users to still enjoy uninterrupted connections. 

Hotlink uncapped

The whole situation is still pretty vague, and there is not real explanation why @leekokwan experienced such a heavy throttle hit – but the issue seems to persist even after purchasing a data add-on.  

For now, there’s no clear answer as to what happens during Maxis’ supposed network traffic management period, but we’re hoping to hear more about it from the company soon. 

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