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MAE by Maybank2U: New mobile banking app with new money-saving features

by Victor Ng
MAE by Maybank2U feature

Maybank has today announced a new dedicated app for its MAE digital wallet, which used to only be accessible via the M2U MY app. 

Aptly dubbed MAE by Maybank2u, the app is mainly focused on helping you keep tabs on your expenses via your MAE e-wallet; but you can also choose to link your savings account to the app as well. On top of that, it also packs the same features as the M2U MY app; meaning it will eventually replace the latter, but both apps will co-exist for now. 

MAE by Maybank2U expenses

One of the main offerings of the MAE app is that it allows you to track your expenses through an intuitive, and colourful menu of charts and numbers – your expenditures are categorised accordingly such as F&B, Transportation, Services and more.  

MAE by Maybank2U main page

You can view a summary from each month and have detailed descriptions of each purchase. Speaking of purchase, the app now offers a bunch of promos and vouchers for food, hotel bookings, theme park tickets, and a lot more.  

There’s also a new Makan Mana feature that presents you with Wheel Of Fortune-type wheel but it’s populated with eateries near you. 

MAE by Maybank2U tabung

But if you’re the thrifty sort, Tabung lets you create a digital piggy bank of sorts, letting you allocated a set amount of funds to – say – purchase the brand-new PlayStation 5 by January 2021. The app then calculates how much you need to put in weekly or monthly. A neat feature for Tabung is that you can invite friends and family to save in the same account as well – useful for saving for vacations and more. 

MAE by Maybank2U boosters

To help with efforts in putting aside money are the Boosters – it turns micro-spending into money that go into your savings portfolio; there are three types of Boosters – Spare Change rounds up your expenses and puts the rounded off amount into your Tabung; San & Save that turns savings from promos into credit; and lastly Guilty Pleasure, which lets you set a spending limit in any category, and deposits any amount spent over the threshold into your Tabung 

MAE by Maybank2U M2U MY

As mentioned before, the MAE app will eventually replace M2U MY, therefore the same features on the latter are available here too. Simply tap on the ‘Maybank2U’ tab and you’ll be able to perform actions like transfer funds, pay bills, service loans, and more. 

New and existing Maybank customers can use the app – simply head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app. Visit their website here to learn more about MAE by Maybank2U 

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