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LG Real Folding Window: Is this the solution to foldable phones? 

by Yvonne Ng
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In LG’s latest press release, the company revealed the LG Real Folding Window, a new foldable display material that supposedly will not crack as easily and may have less crease marks.

LG Chem says the combination of new coating technologies and materials will result in a surface that is “as hard as glass”, but can also be folded easily and flexibly like plastic. This will increase the durability of the foldable display while also maintaining a ‘clean’ appearance.

So, how does the LG Real Folding Window work?

The ‘Real Folding Window’ uses its new coating on both sides of PET film and this not only increase heat-resistance, but is also thinner. Despite that, it is compared to the hardness of a tempered glass and can even be used from screen that folds outwards. In comparison, Samsung’s foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 fold inwards and use commercialised cover windows specifically for in-folding approach.

Will this benefit Samsung’s future foldable phones?

We won’t know if Samsung will be using the ‘Real Folding Window’ in the future, or if they’ll also come up with similar technologies. However, incorporating this solution to its future foldable phones sounds like a great idea now as it allows the company to create outward-folding phones, reduce fold lines and make thinner phones.

LG Them also revealed that they’re developing a ‘Real Folding Window’ with just the coating, removing the need of PET films to be included. This will allows foldable devices to be even thinner in the future.

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