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I travelled to Penang with the Xiaomi 12T Pro to try out the 200MP camera

by Warren

It’s the end of the year and time for a holiday, chances are you might also be thinking of upgrading your smartphone to take better photos than your current smartphone and probably a little Christmas present to reward yourself, there’s no better time to consider the Xiaomi 12T Pro, the first smartphone with a 200MP imaging system in Malaysia that can make year-end moments mega.

In fact, I recently took the Xiaomi 12T Pro for a spin in beautiful Penang Island, where I spent three days there taking photos of stunning heritages and the beautiful Teluk Bahang beach, the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s camera delivered excellent shots that I pretty much left my iPhone 14 Pro and mirrorless camera in the bag, not to mention it has the benefit of having a larger 5000mAh battery that lasted me one whole day without needing to juice it up half way.

So why do you need such a high-resolution camera on a smartphone? Well, let’s start off by looking at some of these sample photos I took, do note that these photos have been rescaled for web viewing purposes.

With most smartphones under the RM3000 not having a telephoto camera, it is a challenge to get close to a subject not unless you want to deal with grainy digital zoom shots, as you can see on the above shot, I really wanted to get a close up of the two dragons on top of the roof and what I did in post is to crop into the frame in post after I shot it with the 200MP Ultra HD mode.

And boom, there’s no sweat in getting close to the two dragons with just a few clicks in Adobe Lightroom, this is usually only possible on a smartphone with a 3x optical zoom.

Now, look at this impressive building of Khoo Kongsi, there’s just so much detail in the sculptures that leaves you in awe, which gives no reason not to take this shot with the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s 200MP mode to see what is up there.

See this excellent crop of the rooftop? This is hardly possible on other smartphones if you want to do a detailed crop like this, it is impressive considering that I am capturing this from a far distance.

Alright, so the gates of the Cheah Kongsi is closed on this one, which is why I took this from afar and decided to a crop after that.

Isn’t this a much better-looking shot?

Alright, enough of buildings and heritages, this beautiful sunset shot was taken from my hotel’s balcony, and won’t it look even better if I had the shot of that faraway mountain with the sunset without showing the trees and beach?

Here you go, look at how impressive the skyline is without looking like an oil painting.

Ultimately, one might argue that you can capture close up shots with an optical zoom lens on a smartphone, but you can’t deny that cropping into photos is necessary at times to achieve a great looking photo, and the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s 200MP imaging system allows you to do it without compromising details.

The Xiaomi 12T Pro comes in storage variants of 8GB RAM+256GB storage and 12GB RAM+256GB storage, it retails at RM2,699 and RM2,999 respectively, which can be purchased at Lazada and Shopee.

Disclaimer: This writeup is not sponsored by Xiaomi Malaysia, the provided Xiaomi 12T Pro is a loan unit from Xiaomi Malaysia with no editorial feedback on how this article should be produced.

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