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Google delays Android 11 event and beta release yet again

by Victor Ng
Android 11 poster postpone green

Google has postponed the event where they would launch the latest Android 11 OS. Android Developers tweeted saying “this is not the time to celebrate”, which it is to program developers when they launch a software. 

But why?

This is most likely the company showing solidarity with those affected by the events transpiring in New York, where riots what broken out in protest of the alleged killing of George Floyd. 

So when then?

The launch event was due for June 3 and would also see the beta software being released for the public to use. No new date was revealed but Android Authority suggests that June 13 could be the date since the Google Pixel 4a is also scheduled to release that day. 

Android 11 on smartphone screen

Image credit: Times24 News

Android 11 is set to have several interesting additions including battery share, native screen recording, bubbles, live transcribe and more. 

Good Google

We say good on Google for being sensitive to the events transpiring in its native USA – we’ll keep you updated on the new launch date as soon as Google announces it. 

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