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GeForce NOW to cost RM30/month for Yes customers, RM50/month for others

by Warren

As the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service free trial has come to an end in Malaysia, Yes 5G has unveiled the subscription plans that gamers will need to pay in order to play their favorite PC games over the cloud, and it is now open to both Yes 5G and non-Yes 5G customers.

For Yes 5G customers, you will be looking at a RM30/month if you opt for the monthly plan, which comes with the same trial benefits such as RTX On, 6 hours of gaming and high priority access to games, while you can opt for the RM300 annual plan which essentially saves you over RM60 for the same benefits.

If you are coming from other telcos, you will unfortunately be paying significantly higher subscription monthly fees at RM50/month, and you get to save RM100 if you sign up for the annual plan at RM500/year, though this is still relatively affordable than you having to buy a new gaming PC to play games like Cyberpunk 2077.

GeForce NOW can run on pretty much any devices that you own and depends on high-speed Internet connection to stream games, it will technically work on most Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices as long as your device has a good WiFi card that does good transfer speed, you are however most likely going to be limited by the 6-hour limit per gaming session if you are someone who games whole day.

Also, you are required to own the game that’s available on the platform, the GeForce NOW hosts games from Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games Store, EA Online and Ubisoft, NVIDIA claims that there’s over 1500 games available on the platform.

To learn more about GeForce NOW in Malaysia, visit Yes 5G’s dedicated microsite here.

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