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Facebook rolls out Facebook Shops; Instagram Shop coming soon

by Yvonne Ng

Facebook Shops is the newest approach taken by the company to help businesses who may be affected by the pandemic. Businesses can now set up their online stores on Facebook to sell their products.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops is much like an online store, but instead of creating your own website, you create your online store on Facebook and Instagram — you can also direct your customers to your own website if you have one. You just need to create one store for it to be accessible on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Your Facebook Shop will be available on your own Facebook Page and Instagram profile in which others can discover through stories and ads. You can also customize your shops by adding cover image, accent colors and choose a collection of products you’d want to feature. 

Similar to how things work in a physical store, you can also ask for assistance by messaging a business through WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. Even though now customers might have to visit your business’ website if you’re not in the U.S, Facebook says that there’ll be a feature in the future where customers can purchase directly when they’re in the three messaging platforms.


Facebook, Facebook Shops

Image credit: Facebook

Facebook is rolling out Facebook Shops starting today and will slowly expand its availability in the future.

Instagram Shops

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s not surprising when Facebook announced that Instagram Shop will also be introduced in the U.S. The company plans to add a new shop tab right next to the profile tab for easier access, but users can also check out @shop to browse for products.

Instagram, Instagram Shop

Image credit: Facebook

Apart from that, Instagram will make it easier for business individuals to sell their products through Live videos. In the future, they will be able to tag their products before they start their Live videos and these products will appear at the bottom of the videos so viewers can find more information.

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