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CES 2022: Samsung announces sustainability efforts with ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision

by Valerie Quek

During a pre-show keynote event at CES 2022, Samsung highlighted the company’s efforts in creating positive changes towards the environment. The keynote event was lead by Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Samsung DX (Device eXperience) Division, Jong-Hee (JH) Han.

What’s Samsung doing to help our planet?

Samsung’s vision of “everyday sustainability” has enabled them to adopt new, low-impact product manufacturing practices, footprint-reducing packaging, and a more sustainable customer experience.

Firstly, the company’s efforts in reducing carbon emission throughout its production cycle has earned recognition from Carbon Trust, and even helped to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 700,000 tons last year.

An example of how Samsung has reduced their carbon footprint is with the introduction of a SolarCell Remote. This remote eliminates battery waste with its built-in solar panel that can be charged during the day and night, and is able to get electricity from radio frequencies such as Wi-Fi routers.

Other than that, Samsung’s Visual Display Business has plans on increasing the use of recycled plastic 30x more than last year as well as implementing recycled materials for other mobile and home appliances products. This year, recycled materials will be incorporated into Styrofoam, box holders, and plastic bags, along with a global expansion of their Eco-Packaging program

Last but not least, the company has come up with propositions to make all of its TVs and phone chargers operate on near-zero standby power by 2025 — meaning lesser energy consumption when the products are not in use.

For more information on Samsung’s ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision, click here. On the other hand, if you’d like to stay updated with CES 2022, feel free to check our other articles.

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