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CES 2021: Samsung’s Bot Handy acts as a housekeeper

by Yvonne Ng
Samsung robot, bot Handy, CES 2021

One of the latest innovations introduced by Samsung at CES this year is the Bot Handy, a robot that can identify different objects and do your house chores.

Bot Handy adjusts its force to pick up and hold different objects

The Bot Handy relies on advanced AI and a camera to recognise objects of different sizes, shapes and materials, allowing it to grab hold of household items without accidentally breaking them. During the press conference, President of Samsung Research Sebastian Seung says that the bot is an extension of the user and can even serve drinks.

It comes with two eyes and an arm

The Bot Handy only comes with a single arm, but it has a clamp-like hand so it can easily pick up objects. It’s a tall robot that comes with a rolling base and and extendable body to allow it to reach to higher places, and it even changes expressions with its two eyes.

However, Samsung did not mention when the Bot Handy will be available to consumers and how much it’ll cost. You probably won’t see the the robot in the consumer market anytime soon, though Samsung says the robot in in development.

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