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Apple’s new Magic Keyboard arrives in Malaysia from RM1,349

by Yvonne Ng

The iPad Pro was made available in Malaysia just last week from RM3,499 but if you’re looking for the whole package, well, the Magic Keyboard is also available now.

The Magic Keyboard is different from the Smart Folio Keyboard; one, it has adjustable viewing angles of up to 130 degrees and two, it has a trackpad. In addition, the trackpad also supports Multi-Touch gestures for more efficient navigation and it features USB-C pass-through charging. This means that you’ll be able to charge the iPad Pro via the Magic Keyboard while keeping the USB-C port on the iPad Pro free for other accessories or devices.

Image credit: Apple

Luckily, the Magic Keyboard is also compatible with the third-generation iPad Pro so it isn’t a must for you to get the latest one. Apple also offers different language options for the Magic Keyboard to accommodate more users.

Depending on the size of your iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard is either priced at RM1,349 or RM1,549. It comes in a single colour and can already be ordered online. If you order now, it should be delivered to you the following week.

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