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New Apple M1 MacBooks appears to have huge memory leaks & sudden crashes


by Daniel
Apple MacBook issues

The new apple M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBooks had Apple users all over the world impressed with the efficiency and power that came from their newest flagship laptops. Many were satisfied with the hardware of the device and had no issues for a little while. But now, issues are cropping up with the new macOS Monterey – the latest problem now comes by way of memory leaks.

Apple M1 MacBook Memory Leak

Image credit “@GregoryMcFadden”

As reported by Lowyat, one of user by the name of  Gregory McFadden had tweeted that his new laptop was using significant amounts of RAM just for the control center. Other users then responded to the tweet saying that they had the same issues as well. One reply showed how they were reading a document on safari and a warning sign appeared saying that their Mac ran out of RAM.

Apple M1 MacBooks RAM overload

Image credit “@_Cpriano”


This was not Apple’s first run-in with issues either. Several users on the MacRumours forum had also complained that their MacBooks crashed as soon as they played a 4K HDR video on YouTube. Since then, Apple has released updates to fix these issues.

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