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Apple’s next AirPods Pro to come with health-monitoring features

by Yvonne Ng
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We’ve heard stories about the Apple Watch saving lives; well, Apple may be doing the same with the AirPods Pro by including health monitoring tools.

AirPods Pro may save your life in the future

The current AirPods Pro already come with dual optical sensors, a motion-detecting accelerometer, a speech-detecting accelerometer and a force sensor. These sensors are not used for health purposes for now, but there could be changes in the future. Apple may even add new sensors to bring in health-monitoring features.

A Bloomberg report also suggested the motion sensors will be updated with fitness tracking features. Even Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of Technology, mentioned that there’s potential for its other products to monitor users’ health.

New respiratory rate feature will be available in watchOS 8

Image credit: Tom’s Guide

The current AirPods Pro were previously tested and proven to be able to monitor a user’s respiratory rate. What this could mean — in the future — is users may be able to get early treatment if the AirPods Pro detects irregular respiration rate.

Users won’t have to wait long either; the respiratory rate feature is rumoured to come in watchOS 8 update. This either means that the AirPods Pro will be used to detect your respiratory rate and share the information with your watch, or your Apple Watch itself will be able to do the same – it could be both.

While you still have to depend on your Apple Watch for more health-related functions, rest assured that more Apple devices, even the earbuds, will be able to safe your life when the time comes.


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