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5 Reasons Why You Need TIME’s Kabel Besar with WiFi 6

by Warren
TIME Kabel Besar

Ever wonder why your high speed Internet at home is giving you problems when it comes to speed and connectivity? It’s because there are device limitation problems. What this means is that by using an old router such as a WiFi 5, there’s a possibility that it may not be able to support heavy Internet usage, especially when you have a few devices connected to your WiFi. Thanks to the advancement of technology, WiFi 6 lets users enjoy exceptional Internet performance on up to 8 devices!

So, what can you do to end those painful video calls where your voice breaks and your colleagues keep asking if you hear them, or when your dad complains about his lagging live sports match or even when your mum feels upset that she missed her FB Live aerobic session while your brother throws a tantrum because he couldn’t access his online game? Install TIME’s Kabel Besar with WiFi 6 at home lah!

TIME’s Kabel Besar is now BIGGER and BETTER with WiFi 6 for 1Gbps plan which gives you faster Internet speed, stable connections like no other, and the best value for money with lower price per Mbps offering. No matter if you are a hardcore gamer, movie junkie, or WFH workaholic, TIME’s WiFi 6 is here to enhance your productivity and lifestyle with its one-of-a-kind stability and speed!

Experience Top-notch Network Stability At Home!

Backed by Ookla with 100% fibre optic cables, you will be treated to a stable and better Internet performance with WiFi 6, especially in households congested with smart home devices and numerous mobile devices. Unlike WiFi 5, the superior WiFi 6 directs a stronger signal towards connected devices rather than broadcasting at the same level in all directions. If there is a need to extend the Internet coverage at home, you can easily broaden the connection by adding the same router as a mesh for your bedroom, study room, kitchen, and more. Network steady, happy family!

Fast & Furious Internet Speed of Up to 1Gbps!



Believe it or not, TIME has the fastest Internet speed of up to 1Gbps in Malaysia! You will experience a whole new world of rapidity with your webpage loading faster than you can even blink! With a 40% upgraded speed compared to WiFi 5, TIME’s 1Gbps WiFi 6 is made perfect for constant hour-long video calls, high-speed gaming, live streaming, and other online activities that require a high bandwidth usage. WiFi 6 routers operate with new technologies and systems that were created to boost overall performance by offering increased speeds of almost 10Gbps compared to WiFi 5’s 3.5Gbps. This latest generation of WiFi also allows you to enjoy low latency and zero lag throughout your sessions while providing an impressive Internet speed on every device.

You can also optimise your WiFi connection and strength or run self-diagnostics on your spotty connections, via the Control Hub in the TIME Internet App! As Malaysia’s cities and urban areas get busier by the second, TIME’s Kabel Besar will give you super high-speed Internet that reduces waiting time and increases efficiency.

WiFi 6 Gives You More Than Just Stable Connection & Fast Speed!

TIME’s WiFi 6 is able to extend the battery life of mobile and smart home devices such as security cameras and video doorbells, by determining when and how to receive and send data with a feature known as Target Wake Time, a function that is not available to its predecessor, WiFi 5. This feature reduces the time needed to turn devices on, hence conserving battery life of all devices.

Enjoy The Best Value For Faster & Stable Internet!

It doesn’t matter if you are a big family of 10 or just a duo running an online business at home, TIME has the right package for you that is cost-effective without jeopardising network stability and speed.

Now, TIME is having a LIMITED TIME OFFER where you get to own a mesh WiFi for FREE (RRP: RM169). That means you can eliminate dead zones in your home now! Check out these awesome online exclusive promotions:



5. You Are TIME’s Very Important Person!

You might not have made it to Time Magazine’s Top 10 Influential Asians of the Year but you are definitely TIME Internet’s VVIP. With every Kabel Besar package, you can expect 24/7 customer service to attend to all your queries via Live Chat and handy digital tools that you can find on the TIME Internet app.

While TIME takes pride in their Kabel Besar and WiFi 6, they too are immensely proud of their customer service department that attends to all your queries and doubts 24/7 via hotline or Live Chat available on the website and TIME mobile app:

So if you have any questions, feel free to talk to their friendly customer service personnel as they are more than happy to assist you!

The quickest way to stay connected and get your message across is to have a stable network with immense speed to do the work. With TIME’s 100% Fibre, 1000% Kabel Besar, having WiFi 6 in your life will always put you ahead of your peers even though it’s just a difference of mere seconds, especially when you get to purchase festival tickets first, buy that last unit of limited edition sneakers, book that popular masterclass before it sold out, or acquire hot selling movie tickets on its released date!

Learn more about TIME’s Kabel Besar WiFi 6 1Gbps and subscribe to TIME’s awesome broadband services HERE for smoother connections and ultrafast speeds!

This article is sponsored by TIME Internet

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