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YouTube Gaming to arrive as a direct competition to Twitch

by Warren

YouTube is getting serious about live streaming your games on its video streaming platform and we don’t blame the company trying to offer a similar service to its strongest competition – Twitch, in which the company failed to acquired last year, Mountain View will first launch YouTube Gaming in the United States and United Kingdom later this summer, which will be available as an app for mobile devices and a dedicated site for desktop users.

The service will aim to combine e-sports, social media and live streaming about games, and will serve home to almost 25000 games at launch, in which game developers and YouTube personalities are able to have their own page. In technical aspects, the service will offer 60 fps streams to users at Full HD resolution and you shouldn’t be expecting 4k60 since there are hardly any PCs out there could stream at that resolution.

YouTube has been pretty famous for copyright infringements on gaming content in the pass, as some games do feature licensed music and hence causing the particular video stream to be blocked off some countries. At this time of writing, Twitch has pretty much tweeted a cheeky reply to @YouTubeGaming


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