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Yes 5G is now available in Ipoh

by Warren

If you are making your way up to Ipoh for a trip, make sure you slot in a Yes 5G SIM card into your phone because YTL Communications has announced 5G availability in the city.

According to Yes, customers can expect 5G download speeds of up to 715Mbps in key locations such as Ipoh Railway Station, while the focused coverage areas include Medan Ipoh, Ipoh Town, Station 18, Bercham, Tambun, Gunung Rapat and Bandar Sri Botani.

With this announcement, we can definitely expect other telcos that recently signed up to DNB’s access agreement to enable 5G connectivity in these areas as well.


YES 5G Speeds

Despite that, Yes is the only telco that has unveiled a comprehensive selection of 5G plans, which includes its Yes Infinite postpaid plans that lets you own a 5G capable smartphone from as low as RM58/month, Yes First to 5G Prepaid Plan with unlimited 5G from as low as RM30/month, and the Yes Infinite Gateway 5G Wireless Broadband for home broadband.

Customers residing in Ipoh who wants to try out Yes 5G can easily order a SIM pack for absolutely free from the Yes Shopee store, the telco is currently offering a one-month free subscription to the Yes Infinite 58 postpaid plan, head here to get one.

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