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These iPhone photography tips can help you take better and more creative photos

by Yvonne Ng

Besides using DSLRs for photography, many photographers has also started to use their iPhones to take various kinds of photos as the cameras on the iPhones are simply amazing. Many users are also depending on their iPhones instead of cameras because it’s more convenient and the iPhones are always with their users. So here are some tips and tricks that iPhone users can explore to improve their daily photography.

Turning on the grid

One of the iPhone feature that users tend to miss out on is the grid that can be switched on/off in Settings>Camera. Switching on the grid can actually give better accuracy especially when it comes to taking scenery photos. The grid can assist in making sure that the scenery photos especially those with skylines are not tilted and will not need further readjustments. Besides scenery photos, the grid feature can also be used when it comes to framing photos, whereby users can follow the rule of thirds easier with the help of the grid. Basically, the rule of thirds is used when it comes to composition of images, where the subject should be placed at the intersection between the horizontal and vertical lines to produce better image composition.

Vertical Panorama

While many are used to the Panorama mode on their iPhones, there is also an alternate way to use the Panorama mode, and that is by using it for vertical panorama. Just hold the iPhone horizontally and move it upwards instead of left or right. This is especially great when it comes to taking pictures of subjects with tall buildings or landscapes that can’t fit in normal photo mode. 

Clone Panorama

Besides that, you can also use the panorama mode to create clones of the same person in a single image. Firstly, start taking the panorama with your subject in the frame, then as you move away from your subject, have him/her go to the next frame by going behind the camera. This will create the typical clones of individuals that you’ll usually find on social media. However, you can create more creative pictures by not fully utilising the panorama mode. Because the panorama mode is not fully used, the picture will not look too wide, so you can post creative pictures as shown below.

Image credit : lililiwanjun10

Turning on Live Photos

Now some might prefer to turn off Live Photos because they only want images so the motion seemed unnecessary, but Live Photos proves to be useful in certain situations especially when the subject of the photo had slight movements that made the image blurry. The Live feature works as a precaution method, so if you only realise afterwards that the images taken were blurry, you can adjust it using the Edit button, which will allow you to select the best frame and make it the Key Photo.

These are a few things that users who are into iPhone photography can try out whether it is for social media photography or advanced photography. The iPhone is actually very handy and can create various kinds of photographs despite the fact that it not a DSLR and by exploring more often with the iPhone, users will actually get more ideas and knowledge on how to better use their iPhone cameras to take great pictures.

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