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The Surface Pro 8 could come with a 120Hz display and Thunderbolt

by Warren

Microsoft’s Surface line up has always been a little dated when it comes to hardware specs compared to its other partners.

However, things might finally turn around this time as a leaked Chinese poster reveals that the Surface Pro 8 might come with hardware fans have been waiting for a long time.

As we can see from the poster, the Surface Pro 8 finally takes on a slimmer bezel design that the two generation Surface Pro X has been using with a similar sized 13-inch panel, it is also set to come with a 120Hz refresh rate, which will definitely improve the Surface Pen’s stylus input latency just like how Apple has achieved on the iPad Pro.

Apart from that, expect the transition of ports to all USB-C just like the Pro X, but one thing we still can’t be sure is the support of Thunderbolt.

Microsoft has been rather critical of it due to security reasons and didn’t even include in the recent Surface Book 3, but if it does materialize, this could finally be the most attractive Surface device for Pro designers who wants to connect faster storage and high resolution monitors.

Microsoft is hosting its Fall 2021 on September 22nd where we can expect an update to existing to Surface devices, so stay tuned on our side as we will be reporting the event.

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