Home News The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might cost more than RM4500

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might cost more than RM4500

by Tarvin Gill

It’s not long now before we see the Note 9 in all its full glory, but it might not be accessible to the major population mainly due to its price which was recently reported by a Polish tech site called SpiderWeb.

Samsung is planning to price the phone at a rather premium price that can rival the price of the iPhone X. SpiderWeb, who has spoken to a local source and a Samsung representative said that the phone will cost $1,159 (RM4704.38), the US price might defer slightly as in Europe, they are charged with tax, similar to Malaysia. The Note 9 devices are targeted at productivity, evident by the advanced S-Pen and the loads of productivity apps that they have installed in the Note devices. However, to the general public, they see it as the latest and greatest phone from Samsung and just like all new and shiny things, we want to get our hands on it.

The bigger issue here is that people that require a phone that has all the productivity apps they need a stylus do not have many options. Only Samsung is still strongly catering to this market segment, pricing this much for the might not only hurt its sales but the people that require such features and accessibilities.

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