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The price of the Mac Pro Wheels Kit can get you an iPhone SE and an AirPods

by Yvonne Ng

You may have the assumption that Apple is finally toning down its crazy pricing by offering the iPhone SE at RM1,999, but that’s where you’re wrong; Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit — let me emphasize, WHEELS — is priced at RM2,799. That’s RM800 more expensive than the budget iPhone and its only function? Mobility.

The Mac Pro Wheels Kit is made of stainless steel and rubber wheels, making it easier for you to roll your Mac Pro all over the place. A 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit is included, but you’ll have to install it on your own. If we’re to divide the price between the four wheels, one wheel will cost you almost RM700. 

But wait, there’s a cheaper Mac Pro Feet Kit. It’s RM1,199 and it doesn’t roll. You’ll still get four stainless steel feet with a 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit, but seriously, what’s the point of spending so much if you can’t roll it around? At this point, you can even get the Apple AirPods Pro and have an extra RM100 to spare.

Do you think Apple’s Mac Pro Wheels Kit and Mac Pro Feet Kit are worth it? If so, do enlighten us and let us know why.

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